Class Utils

  • public class Utilsextends Object
    • Method Detail

      • sum

        public static int sum(int[] arr)
      • roundUp

        public static int roundUp(int v,          int quant)
      • unmarshalIntArray

        public static int[] unmarshalIntArray(String src)
      • marshalIntArray

        public static String marshalIntArray(int[] arr)
      • figureOutHotCPUs

        public static int figureOutHotCPUs()
        Warm up the CPU schedulers, bring all the CPUs online to get the reasonable estimate of the system capacity. Some systems, notably embedded Linuxes, power down the idle CPUs and so availableProcessors() may report lower CPU count than would be present after the load-up.
        max CPU count
      • guessConsoleEncoding

        public static Charset guessConsoleEncoding()
      • check

        public static void check(Class<?> klass,         String... fieldNames)
      • check

        public static void check(Class<?> klass,         String fieldName)
      • getOffset

        public static long getOffset(Class<?> klass,             String fieldName)
      • isWindows

        public static boolean isWindows()
      • getCurrentJvm

        public static String getCurrentJvm()
      • getPid

        public static long getPid()
        Gets PID of the current JVM.

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