Class CompilerHints

  • public class CompilerHintsextends Object
    • Method Detail

      • hintsFile

        public static String hintsFile()
      • getCompileCommandFiles

        public static List<String> getCompileCommandFiles(List<String> command)
        command - command arguments list
        the compiler hint files specified by the command
      • addCompilerHints

        public static void addCompilerHints(List<String> command)
        We need to generate a compiler hints file such that it includes:
        • No compile command files are specified and no .hotspotrc file is available, then do JMH hints only
        • No compile command files are specified and .hotspotrc file is available, then do JMH hints + .hotspotrc
        • 1 to N compile command files are specified, then do JMH hints + all specified hints in files

        This is a departure from default JVM behavior as the JVM would normally just take the last hints file and ignore the rest.

        command - all -XX:CompileCommandLine args will be removed and a merged file will be set
      • getReaders

        protected List<Reader> getReaders()
        Helper method for creating a Reader for the list file.
        a correct Reader instance

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