Class BenchmarkGenerator

  • public class BenchmarkGeneratorextends Object
    Benchmark generator.

    Benchmark generator is the agnostic piece of code which generates synthetic Java code for JMH benchmarks. GeneratorSource is used to feed the generator with the required metadata.

    • Constructor Detail

      • BenchmarkGenerator

        public BenchmarkGenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • generate

        public void generate(GeneratorSource source,            GeneratorDestination destination)
        Execute the next phase of benchmark generation. Multiple calls to this method are acceptable, even with the difference sources
        source - generator source to get the metadata from
        destination - generator destination to write the results to
      • complete

        public void complete(GeneratorSource source,            GeneratorDestination destination)
        Finish generating the benchmarks. Must be called at the end of generation.
        source - source generator to use
        destination - generator destination to write the results to

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