Package org.openjdk.jmh.annotations

Enum Summary
CompilerControl.ModeCompilation mode.
LevelControl when to run the fixture methods.
ModeBenchmark mode.
ScopeState scope.

Annotation Types Summary
AuxCountersAuxCounters annotation can be used to mark State objects as the bearers of auxiliary secondary results.
BenchmarkModeBenchmark mode declares the default modes in which this benchmark would run.
CompilerControlCompiler control annotation may be used to affect the compilation of particular methods in the benchmarks.
ForkFork annotation allows to set the default forking parameters for the benchmark.
GenerateMicroBenchmarkGenerateMicroBenchmark annotates the benchmark method.
GroupExecution group.
GroupThreads GroupThreads defines how many threads are participating in running a particular GenerateMicroBenchmark method in the group.
MeasurementMeasurement annotations allows to set the default measurement parameters for the benchmark.
OperationsPerInvocationOperationsPerInvocation annotations allows to communicate the benchmark does more than one operation, and let JMH to adjust the scores appropriately.
OutputTimeUnitOutputTimeUnit provides the default time unit to report the results in.
ParamMarks the configurable parameter in the benchmark.
SetupSetup marks the fixture method to be run before the benchmark.
StateMarks the state object.
TearDownTearDown marks the fixture method to be run after the benchmark.
ThreadsThreads annotation provides the default number of threads to run.
Warmup Warmup annotation allows to set the default warmup parameters for the benchmark.

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