Package com.amazonaws.auth

Interface Summary
AWSCredentialsProvides access to the AWS credentials used for accessing AWS services: AWS access key ID and secret access key.
AWSCredentialsProviderInterface for providing AWS credentials.
AWSRefreshableSessionCredentialsSession credentials that can be refreshed upon request.
AWSSessionCredentialsAWS session credentials object.
NoSessionSupportCredentialsMarker interface for credentials that should not be used to start AWS Security Token Service sessions.

Class Summary
AbstractAWSSignerAbstract base class for AWS signing protocol implementations.
AWS3SignerSigner implementation that signs requests with the AWS3 signing protocol.
AWS4SignerSigner implementation that signs requests with the AWS4 signing protocol.
AWSCredentialsProviderChainAWSCredentialsProvider implementation that chains together multiple credentials providers.
BasicAWSCredentialsBasic implementation of the AWSCredentials interface that allows callers to pass in the AWS access key and secret access in the constructor.
BasicSessionCredentialsSimple session credentials with keys and session token.
ClasspathPropertiesFileCredentialsProviderAWSCredentialsProvider implementation that loads AWS security credentials from a properties file on the classpath.
CloudFrontSignerImplementation of AbstractAWSSigner for Amazon CloudFront's authentication scheme.
DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChainAWS credentials provider chain that looks for credentials in this order: Environment Variables - AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_KEY Java System Properties - aws.accessKeyId and aws.secretKey Instance profile credentials delivered through the Amazon EC2 metadata service
EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProviderAWSCredentialsProvider implementation that provides credentials by looking at the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_KEY environment variables.
InstanceProfileCredentialsProviderCredentials provider implementation that loads credentials from the Amazon EC2 Instance Metadata Service.
PropertiesCredentialsSimple implementation AWSCredentials that reads in AWS access keys from a properties file.
QueryStringSignerSigner implementation responsible for signing an AWS query string request according to the various signature versions and hashing algorithms.
SessionCredentialsProviderFactorySession credentials provider factory to share providers across potentially many clients.
STSSessionCredentialsProviderAWSCredentialsProvider implementation that uses the AWS Security Token Service to create temporary, short-lived sessions to use for authentication.
SystemPropertiesCredentialsProviderAWSCredentialsProvider implementation that provides credentials by looking at the aws.accessKeyId and aws.secretKey Java system properties.

Enum Summary

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