Interface Configuration

    • Method Detail

      • getScanners

        Set<Scanner> getScanners()
        the scanner instances used for scanning different metadata
      • getUrls

        Set<URL> getUrls()
        the urls to be scanned
      • getMetadataAdapter

        MetadataAdapter getMetadataAdapter()
        the metadata adapter used to fetch metadata from classes
      • getInputsFilter<String> getInputsFilter()
        get the fully qualified name filter used to filter types to be scanned
      • getExecutorService

        ExecutorService getExecutorService()
        executor service used to scan files. if null, scanning is done in a simple for loop
      • getSerializer

        Serializer getSerializer()
        the default serializer to use when saving Reflection
      • getClassLoaders

        @NullableClassLoader[] getClassLoaders()
        get class loaders, might be used for resolving methods/fields

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