Class JedisPubSub

  • public abstract class JedisPubSubextends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • JedisPubSub

        public JedisPubSub()
    • Method Detail

      • onMessage

        public void onMessage(String channel,                      String message)
      • onSubscribe

        public void onSubscribe(String channel,                        int subscribedChannels)
      • onUnsubscribe

        public void onUnsubscribe(String channel,                          int subscribedChannels)
      • onPUnsubscribe

        public void onPUnsubscribe(String pattern,                           int subscribedChannels)
      • onPSubscribe

        public void onPSubscribe(String pattern,                         int subscribedChannels)
      • unsubscribe

        public void unsubscribe()
      • unsubscribe

        public void unsubscribe(String... channels)
      • subscribe

        public void subscribe(String... channels)
      • psubscribe

        public void psubscribe(String... patterns)
      • punsubscribe

        public void punsubscribe()
      • punsubscribe

        public void punsubscribe(String... patterns)
      • isSubscribed

        public boolean isSubscribed()
      • proceedWithPatterns

        public void proceedWithPatterns(Client client,                                String... patterns)
      • proceed

        public void proceed(Client client,                    String... channels)
      • getSubscribedChannels

        public int getSubscribedChannels()

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