Package org.testng.reporters

Interface Summary
XMLConstantsinterface groups the XML constants tries to emulate what's in to be compatible with junitreport

Class Summary
EmailableReporterReported designed to render self-contained HTML top down view of a testing suite.
ExitCodeListenerA very simple ITestListener used by the TestNG runner to find out the exit code.
FailedReporterThis reporter is responsible for creating testng-failed.xml
JUnitXMLReporterA JUnit XML report generator (replacing the original JUnitXMLReporter that was based on XML APIs).
SuiteHTMLReporterThis class implements an HTML reporter for suites.
TestHTMLReporterThis class implements an HTML reporter for individual tests.
TextReporterA simple reporter that collects the results and prints them on standard out.
VerboseReporterReporter printing out detailed messages about what TestNG is going to run and what is the status of what has been just run.
XMLReporterThe main entry for the XML generation operation
XMLStringBufferThis class allows you to generate an XML text document by pushing and popping tags from a stack maintained internally.
XMLSuiteResultWriterUtility writing an ISuiteResult to an XMLStringBuffer.
XMLUtilsStatic helpers for XML.

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