Class TextReporter

java.lang.Object  extended by org.testng.TestListenerAdapter      extended by org.testng.reporters.TextReporter
All Implemented Interfaces:
IConfigurationListener, IConfigurationListener2, org.testng.internal.IResultListener, org.testng.internal.IResultListener2, ITestListener, ITestNGListener

public class TextReporter
extends TestListenerAdapter

A simple reporter that collects the results and prints them on standard out.

Cedric Beust, Alexandru Popescu

Constructor Summary
TextReporter(String testName, int verbose)
Method Summary
 voidonFinish(ITestContext context)
          Invoked after all the tests have run and all their Configuration methods have been called.
 voidppp(String s)
Methods inherited from class org.testng.TestListenerAdapter
beforeConfiguration, getAllTestMethods, getConfigurationFailures, getConfigurationSkips, getFailedButWithinSuccessPercentageTests, getFailedTests, getPassedTests, getSkippedTests, getTestContexts, onConfigurationFailure, onConfigurationSkip, onConfigurationSuccess, onStart, onTestFailedButWithinSuccessPercentage, onTestFailure, onTestSkipped, onTestStart, onTestSuccess, setAllTestMethods, setFailedButWithinSuccessPercentageTests, setFailedTests, setPassedTests, setSkippedTests, toString
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Constructor Detail


public TextReporter(String testName,                    int verbose)
Method Detail


public void onFinish(ITestContext context)
Description copied from interface: ITestListener
Invoked after all the tests have run and all their Configuration methods have been called.

Specified by:
onFinish in interface ITestListener
onFinish in class TestListenerAdapter


public void ppp(String s)

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