Package org.testng.remote.strprotocol

Interface Summary
IMessageMarker interface for messages exchanged between RemoteTestNG and a client.
IRemoteSuiteListenerInterface replicating the ISuiteListener used for remote listeners.
IRemoteTestListenerInterface replicating ITestListener for remote listeners.
IStringMessageString based protocol main interface to be used with remote listeners.

Class Summary
AbstractRemoteTestRunnerClientThe client side of the RemoteTestRunner.
GenericMessageA generic message to be used with remote listeners.
MessageHelperMarshal/unmarshal tool for IStringMessages.
MessageHubCentral class to connect to the host and send message.
RemoteTestListenerA special listener that remote the event with string protocol.
SuiteMessageA IStringMessage implementation for suite running events.
TestMessageAn IStringMessage implementation for test events.
TestResultMessageAn IStringMessage implementation for test results events.

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