Package org.canova.image.recordreader

  • Class Summary 
    Base class for the image record reader
    Parse the label of the image from the name of the file rather than the parent directory
    Record reader to handle ImageNet dataset Built to avoid changing api at this time.
    Image record reader.
    Record reader that understands the MNIST file format as described here: Not built to handle splits of the file, for now forces a single worker to process file Why? - the MNIST training file is 47MB unzipped - right now (June 2015) Canova only runs in local/serial mode - when we add MapReduce as a runtime engine, the training file size (47MB) is still smaller than the lowest production block size in HDFS these days (64MB, 128MB), so normally MapReduce's scheduling system would not split the file (unless you manually set the file's block size lower) - This input format's main purpose is to read MNIST raw data into Canova to be written out as another format (SVMLight most likely) for DL4J's input format's to read Assumes that file exists locally and has been unzipped Why? - When we do port this input format to be HDFS-aware, these mechanics will be incompatible (we dont want N workers all trying to download files or coordinate who is downloading the file)
    A video is just a moving window of pictures.

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