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create(OutboundEndpoint) - Method in class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbMessageDispatcherFactory


EJB - Static variable in class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbConnector
EJB_SERVICECLASS_INVOCATION_FAILED - Static variable in class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbConnector
EjbConnector - Class in org.mule.transport.ejb
Provides Connection configurstion for EJB endpoints
EjbConnector(MuleContext) - Constructor for class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbConnector
ejbKeyRefNotValid(Object) - Static method in class org.mule.transport.ejb.i18n.EjbMessages
EjbMessageDispatcher - Class in org.mule.transport.ejb
Invokes a method on an EJB object stored in Jndi.
EjbMessageDispatcher(OutboundEndpoint) - Constructor for class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbMessageDispatcher
EjbMessageDispatcherFactory - Class in org.mule.transport.ejb
EjbMessageDispatcherFactory creates a dispatcher for marshalling requests to an EJB MuleSession bean
EjbMessageDispatcherFactory() - Constructor for class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbMessageDispatcherFactory
EjbMessageReceiver - Class in org.mule.transport.ejb
Will repeatedly call a method on an EJB object.
EjbMessageReceiver(Connector, FlowConstruct, InboundEndpoint, long) - Constructor for class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbMessageReceiver
EjbMessages - Class in org.mule.transport.ejb.i18n
EjbMessages() - Constructor for class org.mule.transport.ejb.i18n.EjbMessages
EjbNamespaceHandler - Class in org.mule.transport.ejb.config
EjbNamespaceHandler() - Constructor for class org.mule.transport.ejb.config.EjbNamespaceHandler
ejbObjectMissingCreate(Object) - Static method in class org.mule.transport.ejb.i18n.EjbMessages


getProtocol() - Method in class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbConnector
getRemoteObject(ImmutableEndpoint) - Method in class org.mule.transport.ejb.EjbConnector


init() - Method in class org.mule.transport.ejb.config.EjbNamespaceHandler


org.mule.transport.ejb - package org.mule.transport.ejb
org.mule.transport.ejb.config - package org.mule.transport.ejb.config
org.mule.transport.ejb.i18n - package org.mule.transport.ejb.i18n
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