Class AbstractSource

    • Field Detail

      • duration

        protected long duration
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractSource

        public AbstractSource(String name,              PriorityQueueScheduler scheduler,              int queueNumber)
        Creates new instance of source with specified name.
        name - the name of the source to be created.
    • Method Detail

      • wakeup

        public void wakeup()
        Restores synchronization
      • connect

        protected void connect(AbstractSink sink)
        (Non Java-doc).
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      • disconnect

        protected void disconnect()
        (Non Java-doc).
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      • isConnected

        public boolean isConnected()
        (Non Java-doc).
        Specified by:
        isConnected in interface MediaSource
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      • evolve

        public abstract Frame evolve(long timestamp)
        This method must be overriden by concrete media source. T he media have to fill buffer with media data and attributes.
        buffer - the buffer object for media.
        sequenceNumber - the number of timer ticks from the begining.
      • started

        protected void started()
        Sends notification that media processing has been started.
      • failed

        protected void failed(Exception e)
        Sends failure notification.
        e - the exception caused failure.
      • completed

        protected void completed()
        Sends notification that signal is completed.
      • stopped

        protected void stopped()
        Called when source is stopped by request
      • getPacketsTransmitted

        public long getPacketsTransmitted()
        (Non Java-doc).
        Specified by:
        getPacketsTransmitted in interface MediaSource
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      • report

        public String report()

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