Interface ServletLogger

  • All Superinterfaces:
    BasicLogger, WeldLogger

    public interface ServletLoggerextends WeldLogger
    Error messages relating to Servlet integration Message ids: 000700 - 000799
    • Method Detail

      • requestInitialized

        void requestInitialized(Object param1)
      • requestDestroyed

        void requestDestroyed(Object param1)
      • webXmlMappingPatternIgnored

        void webXmlMappingPatternIgnored(String pattern)
      • unableToDissociateContext

        void unableToDissociateContext(Object context,                               Object storage)
      • guardLeak

        void guardLeak(int value)
      • guardNotSet

        void guardNotSet()
      • servlet2Environment

        void servlet2Environment()
      • unableToDeactivateContext

        void unableToDeactivateContext(Object context,                               Object request)

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