Interface InterceptionModel

    • Method Detail

      • getInterceptors

        List<InterceptorClassMetadata<?>> getInterceptors(InterceptionType interceptionType,                                                  Method method)
        Returns the interceptors applicable for the given interception type and method. For resolving AroundConstruct interceptors use #getConstructorInvocationInterceptors(java.lang.reflect.Constructor).
        interceptionType -
        method - - null if the interception type is lifecycle
        list of interceptors
        IllegalArgumentException - if interceptionType is business method or around timeout but method is null, as well as if interceptionType is callback and method is not null
      • getAllInterceptors

        Set<InterceptorClassMetadata<?>> getAllInterceptors()
        Returns all interceptor classes that are applicable to the given intercepted entity
        all interceptors
      • hasExternalConstructorInterceptors

        boolean hasExternalConstructorInterceptors()
        Indicates whether the given entity has associated AroundConstruct interceptors.
      • hasExternalNonConstructorInterceptors

        boolean hasExternalNonConstructorInterceptors()
        Indicates whether the given entity has an associated interceptor of a kind other than AroundConstruct
      • hasTargetClassInterceptors

        boolean hasTargetClassInterceptors()
        Indicates whether the given entity has target class interceptor methods.
      • getTargetClassInterceptorMetadata

        TargetClassInterceptorMetadata getTargetClassInterceptorMetadata()
        Returns the interceptor metadata for the component class of this component.
        interceptor metadata for the component class

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