Interface BoundRequest

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    public interface BoundRequest

    A conversation is used to span multiple requests, however is shorter than a session. The BoundConversationContext uses one Map to represent a request, and a second to represent the session, which are encapsulated in a BoundRequest.

    Pete Muir
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      • getRequestMap

        Map<String,Object> getRequestMap()
        Get the current request map.
        the request map.
      • getSessionMap

        Map<String,Object> getSessionMap(boolean create)

        Get the current session map.

        A BoundRequest may be backed by a data store that only creates sessions on demand. It is recommended that if the session is not created on demand, or that the session has already been created (but is not required by this access) that the session is returned as it allows the conversation context to work more efficiently.

        create - if true, then a session must be created
        the session map; null may be returned if create is false

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