Class SpecializationAndEnablementRegistry

    • Constructor Detail

      • SpecializationAndEnablementRegistry

        public SpecializationAndEnablementRegistry()
    • Method Detail

      • resolveSpecializedBeans

        public Set<? extends AbstractBean<?,?>> resolveSpecializedBeans(Bean<?> specializingBean)
        Returns a set of beans specialized by this bean. An empty set is returned if this bean does not specialize another beans.
      • vetoSpecializingBean

        public void vetoSpecializingBean(Bean<?> bean)
      • isSpecializedInAnyBeanDeployment

        public boolean isSpecializedInAnyBeanDeployment(Bean<?> bean)
      • isEnabledInAnyBeanDeployment

        public boolean isEnabledInAnyBeanDeployment(Bean<?> bean)
      • isCandidateForLifecycleEvent

        public boolean isCandidateForLifecycleEvent(Bean<?> bean)
      • cleanupAfterBoot

        public void cleanupAfterBoot()
        Description copied from interface: BootstrapService
        Called by Weld once it finishes initialization and before it starts serving requests. This method is not guaranteed to be called by Weld if the deployment fails with an error.
      • getBeansSpecializedInAnyDeployment

        public Set<AbstractBean<?,?>> getBeansSpecializedInAnyDeployment()
      • getBeansSpecializedInAnyDeploymentAsMultiset

        public Multiset<AbstractBean<?,?>> getBeansSpecializedInAnyDeploymentAsMultiset()

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