Class MissingDependenciesRegistry

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BootstrapService, Service

    public class MissingDependenciesRegistryextends AbstractBootstrapService
    Holds information about classes that have missing dependencies (class X references class Y and class Y is not on classpath).
    Marko Luksa
    • Constructor Detail

      • MissingDependenciesRegistry

        public MissingDependenciesRegistry()
    • Method Detail

      • registerClassWithMissingDependency

        public void registerClassWithMissingDependency(String className,                                               String missingClassName)
      • handleResourceLoadingException

        public void handleResourceLoadingException(String className,                                           Throwable e)
      • getMissingDependencyForClass

        public String getMissingDependencyForClass(String className)
      • cleanupAfterBoot

        public void cleanupAfterBoot()
        Description copied from interface: BootstrapService
        Called by Weld once it finishes initialization and before it starts serving requests. This method is not guaranteed to be called by Weld if the deployment fails with an error.

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