Class SimpleProxyServices

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Service, ProxyServices

    public class SimpleProxyServicesextends Objectimplements ProxyServices
    A default implementation of the ProxyServices which simply use the corresponding information from the proxy type. An exception is made for java.* and javax.* packages which are often associated with the system classloader and a more privileged ProtectionDomain.
    David Allen
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleProxyServices

        public SimpleProxyServices()
    • Method Detail

      • getClassLoader

        public ClassLoader getClassLoader(Class<?> proxiedBeanType)
        Description copied from interface: ProxyServices
        Returns the class loader that will load the proxy class which extends or implements the given type. This class loader may simply be the same class loader used for the type, or it may be another class loader designed to hold proxies while still providing access to the given type and any of its ancestors and used types.
        Specified by:
        getClassLoader in interface ProxyServices
        proxiedBeanType - the base type (class or interface) being proxied
        the class loader to use for the proxy class
      • cleanup

        public void cleanup()
        Description copied from interface: Service
        Called by Weld when it is shutting down, allowing the service to perform any cleanup needed.
        Specified by:
        cleanup in interface Service
      • loadBeanClass

        @Deprecatedpublic Class<?> loadBeanClass(String className)
        Description copied from interface: ProxyServices

        Loads classes or interfaces extended/implemented by a bean or in particular a proxy class for a bean. This includes application types of the bean as well as Weld types used for proxy classes. Thus the class loader(s) used here must be able to resolve both application classes and Weld implementation classes.

        This method is only called during deserialization of a proxy object. It does not necessarily need to use the same class loader that the proxy class itself exists in since ProxyServices.getClassLoader(Class) will still be used to get the correct class loader for the bean type.

        Specified by:
        loadBeanClass in interface ProxyServices
        className - the class name
        the corresponding Class object

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