Class RIBean<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public abstract Class<T> getType()
      • getBeanClass

        public Class<?> getBeanClass()
        Description copied from interface: Bean
        The bean class of the managed bean or session bean or of the bean that declares the producer method or field.
        Specified by:
        getBeanClass in interface Bean<T>
        the bean class
      • preInitialize

        public abstract void preInitialize()
      • initialize

        public final void initialize(BeanDeployerEnvironment environment)
        Initializes the bean and its metadata. The method is synchronized and guarded by the RIBean object so that the initialization only occurs once.
      • cleanupAfterBoot

        public abstract void cleanupAfterBoot()
        This method is called after the container is started allowing the bean to release any resources that are only required at boot time
      • initializeAfterBeanDiscovery

        public abstract void initializeAfterBeanDiscovery()
        In particular cases, the deployer must perform some initialization operations only after all beans have been deployed (e.g. for initializing decorators taking into account the possibility of having custom decorators which are deployed through portable extensions)
        environment -
      • isDependent

        public boolean isDependent()
      • isNormalScoped

        public boolean isNormalScoped()
      • isProxyable

        public abstract boolean isProxyable()
      • isPassivationCapableBean

        public abstract boolean isPassivationCapableBean()
      • isPassivationCapableDependency

        public abstract boolean isPassivationCapableDependency()
      • isProxyRequired

        public abstract boolean isProxyRequired()
      • destroy

        public void destroy(T instance,                    CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
        Description copied from interface: Contextual
        Destroy an instance of the contextual type. Implementations should call CreationalContext.release() to allow the container to destroy dependent objects of the contextual instance.
        Specified by:
        destroy in interface Contextual<T>
        instance - the contextual instance to destroy
        creationalContext - the context in which this instance was created

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