Class AbstractBean<T,S>

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      • initializeAfterBeanDiscovery

        public void initializeAfterBeanDiscovery()
        Description copied from class: RIBean
        In particular cases, the deployer must perform some initialization operations only after all beans have been deployed (e.g. for initializing decorators taking into account the possibility of having custom decorators which are deployed through portable extensions)
        Specified by:
        initializeAfterBeanDiscovery in class RIBean<T>
      • checkType

        protected abstract void checkType()
      • checkSpecialization

        public void checkSpecialization()
        Validates specialization if this bean specializes another bean.
      • postSpecialize

        protected void postSpecialize()
      • preSpecialize

        protected void preSpecialize()
      • specialize

        protected void specialize()
      • getAnnotated

        public abstract Annotated getAnnotated()
        Returns the annotated item the bean represents
        The annotated item
      • getEnhancedAnnotated

        public abstract EnhancedAnnotated<T,S> getEnhancedAnnotated()
        Returns the weld-enhanced annotated item the bean represents. The item is only available during bootstrap. The method throws IllegalStateException at runtime.
        The annotated item
        IllegalStateException - when invoked at runtime
      • getSpecializedBeans

        protected Set<? extends AbstractBean<?,?>> getSpecializedBeans()
      • getType

        public Class<T> getType()
        Gets the type of the bean
        Specified by:
        getType in class RIBean<T>
        The type
      • isSpecializing

        public boolean isSpecializing()
      • getProducer

        public Producer<T> getProducer()
      • setProducer

        public void setProducer(Producer<T> producer)
        Set a Producer for this bean. This operation is *not* threadsafe, and should not be called outside bootstrap.

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