Interface EnhancedAnnotated<T,S>

    • Field Detail


        static final Set<Class<? extends Annotation>> MAPPED_METAANNOTATIONS
        The set of meta-annotations to map

        static final Set<Class<? extends Annotation>> MAPPED_DECLARED_METAANNOTATIONS
        The set of declared meta-annotations to map
    • Method Detail

      • getMetaAnnotations

        Set<Annotation> getMetaAnnotations(Class<? extends Annotation> metaAnnotationType)
        Gets all annotations which are annotated with the given meta annotation type
        The - meta annotation to match
        A set of matching meta-annotations. Returns an empty set if there are no matches.
      • getQualifiers

        @DeprecatedSet<Annotation> getQualifiers()
        Deprecated. This reflection type should not know about JSR-299 binding types
        Gets the binding types for this element
      • getBindingsAsArray

        @DeprecatedAnnotation[] getBindingsAsArray()
        Deprecated. This reflection type should not know about JSR-299 binding types
        Gets the binding types for this element
      • getInterfaceClosure

        Set<Type> getInterfaceClosure()
        Get the type hierarchy of any interfaces implemented by this class.

        The returned types should have any type parameters resolved to their actual types.

        There is no guarantee this methods executes in O(1) time

        the type hierarchy
      • getJavaClass

        Class<T> getJavaClass()
        Gets the type of the element
        The type of the element
      • getActualTypeArguments

        Type[] getActualTypeArguments()
        Gets the actual type arguments for any parameterized types that this AnnotatedItem represents.
        An array of type arguments
      • isStatic

        boolean isStatic()
        Indicates if this AnnotatedItem represents a static element
        True if static, false otherwise
      • isGeneric

        boolean isGeneric()
      • isFinal

        boolean isFinal()
        Indicates if this AnnotatedItem represents a final element
        True if final, false otherwise
      • isPublic

        boolean isPublic()
        Indicates if this annotated item is public
        if public, returns true
      • isPrivate

        boolean isPrivate()
      • isPackagePrivate

        boolean isPackagePrivate()
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the name of this AnnotatedItem

        If it is not possible to determine the name of the underling element, a IllegalArgumentException is thrown

        The name
      • isParameterizedType

        boolean isParameterizedType()
      • isPrimitive

        boolean isPrimitive()
      • slim

        Annotated slim()
        Returns a lightweight implementation of Annotated with minimal memory footprint.
        the slim version of this Annotated

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