Annotation Type Qualifier

  • @Target(value=ANNOTATION_TYPE) @Retention(value=RUNTIME) @Documentedpublic @interface Qualifier
    Identifies qualifier annotations. Anyone can define a new qualifier. A qualifier annotation:
    • is annotated with @Qualifier, @Retention(RUNTIME), and typically @Documented.
    • can have attributes.
    • may be part of the public API, much like the dependency type, but unlike implementation types which needn't be part of the public API.
    • may have restricted usage if annotated with @Target. While this specification covers applying qualifiers to fields and parameters only, some injector configurations might use qualifier annotations in other places (on methods or classes for example).

    For example:

       @java.lang.annotation.Documented   @java.lang.annotation.Retention(RUNTIME)   @javax.inject.Qualifier   public @interface Leather {     Color color() default Color.TAN;     public enum Color { RED, BLACK, TAN }   }

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