Annotation Type Delegate

  • @Target(value={FIELD,PARAMETER}) @Retention(value=RUNTIME) @Documentedpublic @interface Delegate

    Identifies the delegate injection point of a decorator. May be applied to a field, bean constructor parameter or initializer method parameter of a decorator bean class.

     @Decorator  class TimestampLogger implements Logger {     @Inject @Delegate @Any Logger logger;     ...  } 
     @Decorator  class TimestampLogger implements Logger {     private Logger logger;        @Inject    public TimestampLogger(@Delegate @Debug Logger logger) {        this.logger=logger;     }     ...  } 

    A decorator must have exactly one delegate injection point. The delegate injection point must be an injected field, initializer method parameter or bean constructor method parameter.

    The container injects a delegate object to the delegate injection point. The delegate object implements the delegate type and delegates method invocations along the decorator stack. When the container calls a decorator during business method interception, the decorator may invoke any method of the delegate object. If a decorator invokes the delegate object at any other time, the invoked method throws an IllegalStateException.

     @Decorator  class TimestampLogger implements Logger {     @Inject @Delegate @Any Logger logger;         void log(String message) {       logger.log( timestamp() + ": " + message );    }    ... } 
    Gavin King, Pete Muir
    See Also:
    @Decorator specifies that a class is a decorator.

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