ehcache 3.0.2 API

org.ehcacheMain Ehcache API, including cache managers and caches.
org.ehcache.configCacheManager configuration, Cache configuration and other configuration classes.
org.ehcache.config.buildersBuilders designed to help with programmatic configuration of Ehcache using a fluent API
org.ehcache.config.unitsResourceUnit implementations
org.ehcache.eventCacheEvent and related types.
org.ehcache.expiryExpiry API of a Cache.
org.ehcache.spi.copyCopier SPI in Ehcache.
org.ehcache.spi.loaderwriterCacheLoaderWriter SPI for a Cache.
org.ehcache.spi.serializationSerializer SPI in Ehcache.
org.ehcache.spi.serviceService SPI related in Ehcache.


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