Package org.ehcache.spi.service

Service SPI related in Ehcache.


Interface Summary
MaintainableServiceService interface that indicates that implementing services participate in MAINTENANCE mode.
PersistableResourceServiceInterface for Services that handle a ResourceType which is persistable.
ServiceA life-cycled service that supports cache functionality.
ServiceConfiguration<T extends Service>A configuration type to be used when interacting with a Service.
ServiceCreationConfiguration<T extends Service>A configuration type used when creating a Service.
ServiceProvider<T extends Service>A repository of Service instances that can be used to look them up by type.

Annotation Types Summary
PluralServiceIndicates that a Service subtype is permitted to have more than one concrete implementation registered with a ServiceProvider.
ServiceDependenciesAnnotation that allows a Service implementation to declare a dependency on other Services.

Package org.ehcache.spi.service Description

Service SPI related in Ehcache.

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