Interface Service

All Known Subinterfaces:
CacheLoaderWriterProvider, CopyProvider, MaintainableService, PersistableResourceService, SerializationProvider, WriteBehindProvider

public interface Service

A life-cycled service that supports cache functionality.

Implementation of this interface must be thread-safe.

Since CacheManagers can be closed and initialized again, Service implementations should support multiple start/stop cycles. Failure to do so will limit the init/close cycles at the CacheManager level.

Method Summary
 voidstart(ServiceProvider<Service> serviceProvider)
          Start this service using the provided configuration and ServiceProvider.
          Stops this service.

Method Detail


void start(ServiceProvider<Service> serviceProvider)
Start this service using the provided configuration and ServiceProvider.

The service provider allows a service to retrieve and use other services.

A Service retrieved at this stage may not yet be started. The recommended usage pattern therefore, is to keep a reference to the dependent Service but use it only when specific methods are invoked on subtypes.

serviceProvider - the service provider


void stop()
Stops this service.

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