Package org.ehcache

Main Ehcache API, including
cache managers and caches.


Interface Summary
Cache<K,V>Defines all operational methods to create, access, update and delete mappings of key to value.
Cache.Entry<K,V>A mapping of key to value held in a Cache.
CacheManagerA repository that manages Caches and associated Services.
PersistentCacheManagerA CacheManager that knows how to lifecycle caches that can outlive the JVM.
PersistentUserManagedCache<K,V>A UserManagedCache that holds data that can outlive the JVM.
UserManagedCache<K,V>Represents a Cache that is not managed by a CacheManager.
ValueSupplier<V>A ValueSupplier represents an indirect way to access a value.

Enum Summary
StatusEnumeration of CacheManager and UserManagedCache statuses.

Exception Summary
CacheIterationExceptionIndicates an unrecoverable failure occurred during iteration.
CachePersistenceExceptionThrown when failures occur during operations on PersistentCacheManager.
StateTransitionExceptionIndicates that a state transition failed.

Package org.ehcache Description

Main Ehcache API, including cache managers and caches.

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