Class SslCertificates

  • public class SslCertificatesextends Object
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      • SslCertificates

        public SslCertificates()
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      • customize

        public static void customize(SSLSession sslSession,             EndPoint endpoint,             Request request)                      throws IOException
        Allow the Listener a chance to customise the request. before the server does its stuff.
        This allows the required attributes to be set for SSL requests.
        The requirements of the Servlet specs are:
        • an attribute named "javax.servlet.request.ssl_session_id" of type String (since Servlet Spec 3.0).
        • an attribute named "javax.servlet.request.cipher_suite" of type String.
        • an attribute named "javax.servlet.request.key_size" of type Integer.
        • an attribute named "javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate" of type[]. This is an array of objects of type X509Certificate, the order of this array is defined as being in ascending order of trust. The first certificate in the chain is the one set by the client, the next is the one used to authenticate the first, and so on.
        endpoint - The Socket the request arrived on. This should be a SocketEndPoint wrapping a SSLSocket.
        request - HttpRequest to be customised.

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