Class JDBCSessionManager

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    SessionManager, LifeCycle

    public class JDBCSessionManagerextends AbstractSessionManager
    JDBCSessionManager SessionManager that persists sessions to a database to enable clustering. Session data is persisted to the JettySessions table: rowId (unique in cluster: webapp name/path + virtualhost + sessionId) contextPath (of the context owning the session) sessionId (unique in a context) lastNode (name of node last handled session) accessTime (time in milliseconds session was accessed) lastAccessTime (previous time in milliseconds session was accessed) createTime (time in milliseconds session created) cookieTime (time in milliseconds session cookie created) lastSavedTime (last time in milliseconds session access times were saved) expiryTime (time in milliseconds that the session is due to expire) map (attribute map) As an optimization, to prevent thrashing the database, we do not persist the accessTime and lastAccessTime every time the session is accessed. Rather, we write it out every so often. The frequency is controlled by the saveIntervalSec field.

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