Class ShutdownMonitor

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    public class ShutdownMonitorextends Thread
    Shutdown/Stop Monitor thread.

    This thread listens on the port specified by the STOP.PORT system parameter (defaults to -1 for not listening) for request authenticated with the key given by the STOP.KEY system parameter (defaults to "eclipse") for admin requests.

    If the stop port is set to zero, then a random port is assigned and the port number is printed to stdout.

    Commands "stop" and "status" are currently supported.

    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        public String getKey()
      • getPort

        public int getPort()
      • isExitVm

        public boolean isExitVm()
      • setDebug

        public void setDebug(boolean flag)
      • setExitVm

        public void setExitVm(boolean exitVm)
      • setKey

        public void setKey(String key)
      • setPort

        public void setPort(int port)
      • start

        public void start()
        start in class Thread

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