Interface Summary
AutoFilterRepresents autofiltering for the specified worksheet.
BorderFormattingHigh level representation for Border Formatting component of Conditional Formatting settings
CellHigh level representation of a cell in a row of a spreadsheet.
CellRange<C extends Cell>Represents a rectangular region of a Sheet
ChartHigh level representation of a chart.
ClientAnchorA client anchor is attached to an excel worksheet.
ColorScaleFormattingHigh level representation for the Color Scale / Colour Scale / Color Gradient Formatting component of Conditional Formatting settings
ConditionalFormattingThe ConditionalFormatting class encapsulates all settings of Conditional Formatting.
ConditionalFormattingRuleRepresents a description of a conditional formatting rule
ConditionalFormattingThresholdThe Threshold / CFVO / Conditional Formatting Value Object.
CreationHelperAn object that handles instantiating concrete classes of the various instances one needs for HSSF and XSSF.
DataBarFormattingHigh level representation for the DataBar Formatting component of Conditional Formatting settings
DrawingHigh level representation of spreadsheet drawing.
FontFormattingHigh level representation for Font Formatting component of Conditional Formatting settings
FooterCommon definition of a HSSF or XSSF page footer.
FormulaEvaluatorEvaluates formula cells.

For performance reasons, this class keeps a cache of all previously calculated intermediate cell values.

HeaderCommon definition of a HSSF or XSSF page header.
HeaderFooterCommon interface for Header and Footer.
HyperlinkRepresents an Excel hyperlink.
IconMultiStateFormattingHigh level representation for the Icon / Multi-State Formatting component of Conditional Formatting settings
NameRepresents a defined name for a range of cells.
PictureRepersents a picture in a SpreadsheetML document
RichTextStringRich text unicode string.
RowHigh level representation of a row of a spreadsheet.
SheetHigh level representation of a Excel worksheet.
SheetConditionalFormattingThe 'Conditional Formatting' facet of Sheet
WorkbookHigh level representation of a Excel workbook.

Class Summary
BuiltinFormatsUtility to identify built-in formats.
CellValueMimics the 'data view' of a cell.
ComparisonOperatorThe conditional format operators used for "Highlight Cells That Contain..." rules.
ConditionTypeRepresents a type of a conditional formatting rule
DataFormatterDataFormatter contains methods for formatting the value stored in an Cell.
DataValidation.ErrorStyleError style constants for error box
DataValidationConstraint.OperatorTypeCondition operator enum
DataValidationConstraint.ValidationTypeValidationType enum
DateUtilContains methods for dealing with Excel dates.
ErrorConstantsDeprecated. Use FormulaError instead where possible
ExcelStyleDateFormatterA wrapper around a SimpleDateFormat instance, which handles a few Excel-style extensions that are not supported by SimpleDateFormat.
ExtendedColorRepresents a XSSF-style color (based on either a XSSFColor or a ExtendedColor
FractionFormatFormat class that handles Excel style fractions, such as "# #/#" and "#/###"
Row.MissingCellPolicyUsed to specify the different possible policies if for the case of null and blank cells
ShapeTypesAll known types of automatic shapes in DrawingML

Enum Summary
BorderStyleThe enumeration value indicating the line style of a border in a cell, i.e., whether it is borded dash dot, dash dot dot, dashed, dotted, double, hair, medium, medium dash dot, medium dash dot dot, medium dashed, none, slant dash dot, thick or thin.
DataConsolidateFunctionEnum mapping the values of STDataConsolidateFunction
FillPatternTypeThe enumeration value indicating the style of fill pattern being used for a cell format.
FontCharsetCharset represents the basic set of characters associated with a font (that it can display), and corresponds to the ANSI codepage (8-bit or DBCS) of that character set used by a given language.
FontFamilyThe font family this font belongs to.
FontSchemeDefines the font scheme to which this font belongs.
FontUnderlinethe different types of possible underline formatting
FormulaErrorEnumerates error values in SpreadsheetML formula calculations.
HorizontalAlignmentThe enumeration value indicating horizontal alignment of a cell, i.e., whether it is aligned general, left, right, horizontally centered, filled (replicated), justified, centered across multiple cells, or distributed.
IndexedColorsA deprecated indexing scheme for colours that is still required for some records, and for backwards compatibility with OLE2 formats.
PageOrderSpecifies printed page order.
PaperSizeThe enumeration value indicating the possible paper size for a sheet
PrintCellCommentsThese enumerations specify how cell comments shall be displayed for paper printing purposes.
PrintOrientationThe enumeration value indicating the print orientation for a sheet.
VerticalAlignmentThis enumeration value indicates the type of vertical alignment for a cell, i.e., whether it is aligned top, bottom, vertically centered, justified or distributed.

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