Class BitInputStream

    • Constructor Detail

      • BitInputStream

        public BitInputStream(InputStream in,              ByteOrder byteOrder)
        Constructor taking an InputStream and its bit arrangement.
        in - the InputStream
        byteOrder - the bit arrangement across byte boundaries, either BIG_ENDIAN (aaaaabbb bb000000) or LITTLE_ENDIAN (bbbaaaaa 000000bb)
    • Method Detail

      • clearBitCache

        public void clearBitCache()
        Clears the cache of bits that have been read from the underlying stream but not yet provided via readBits(int).
      • readBits

        public long readBits(int count)              throws IOException
        Returns at most 63 bits read from the underlying stream.
        count - the number of bits to read, must be a positive number not bigger than 63.
        the bits concatenated as a long using the stream's byte order. -1 if the end of the underlying stream has been reached before reading the requested number of bits
        IOException - on error

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