Class ZipArchiveOutputStream

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    Closeable, Flushable, AutoCloseable
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    public class ZipArchiveOutputStreamextends ArchiveOutputStream
    Reimplementation of that does handle the extended functionality of this package, especially internal/external file attributes and extra fields with different layouts for local file data and central directory entries.

    This class will try to use RandomAccessFile when you know that the output is going to go to a file.

    If RandomAccessFile cannot be used, this implementation will use a Data Descriptor to store size and CRC information for DEFLATED entries, this means, you don't need to calculate them yourself. Unfortunately this is not possible for the STORED method, here setting the CRC and uncompressed size information is required before putArchiveEntry(ArchiveEntry) can be called.

    As of Apache Commons Compress 1.3 it transparently supports Zip64 extensions and thus individual entries and archives larger than 4 GB or with more than 65536 entries in most cases but explicit control is provided via setUseZip64( If the stream can not user RandomAccessFile and you try to write a ZipArchiveEntry of unknown size then Zip64 extensions will be disabled by default.

    This class is not thread-safe

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