Class X0015_CertificateIdForFile

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    public class X0015_CertificateIdForFileextends PKWareExtraHeaderimplements ZipExtraField
    X.509 Certificate ID and Signature for individual file (0x0015).

    This field contains the information about which certificate in the PKCS#7 store was used to sign a particular file. It also contains the signature data. This field can appear multiple times, but can only appear once per certificate.

    Note: all fields stored in Intel low-byte/high-byte order.

             Value     Size     Description         -----     ----     ----------- (CID)   0x0015    2 bytes  Tag for this "extra" block type         TSize     2 bytes  Size of data that follows         RCount    4 bytes  Number of recipients. (inferred)         HashAlg   2 bytes  Hash algorithm identifier. (inferred)         TData     TSize    Signature Data 
    This class is not thread-safe

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