Class ArjArchiveEntry

    • Method Detail

      • getSize

        public long getSize()
        Get this entry's file size.
        Specified by:
        getSize in interface ArchiveEntry
        This entry's file size.
      • isDirectory

        public boolean isDirectory()
        True if the entry refers to a directory.
        Specified by:
        isDirectory in interface ArchiveEntry
        True if the entry refers to a directory
      • getLastModifiedDate

        public Date getLastModifiedDate()
        The last modified date of the entry.

        Note the interpretation of time is different depending on the HostOS that has created the archive. While an OS that is considered to be Unix stores time in a timezone independent manner, other platforms only use the local time. I.e. if an archive has been created at midnight UTC on a machine in timezone UTC this method will return midnight regardless of timezone if the archive has been created on a non-Unix system and a time taking the current timezone into account if the archive has beeen created on Unix.

        Specified by:
        getLastModifiedDate in interface ArchiveEntry
        the last modified date
      • getMode

        public int getMode()
        File mode of this entry.

        The format depends on the host os that created the entry.

        the file mode
      • getUnixMode

        public int getUnixMode()
        File mode of this entry as Unix stat value.

        Will only be non-zero of the host os was UNIX.

        the Unix mode
      • isHostOsUnix

        public boolean isHostOsUnix()
        Is the operating system the archive has been created on one that is considered a UNIX OS by arj?
        whether the operating system the archive has been created on is considered a UNIX OS by arj

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