Interface DelegateExecution

    • Method Detail

      • getId

        String getId()
        Unique id of this path of execution that can be used as a handle to provide external signals back into the engine after wait states.
      • getProcessInstanceId

        String getProcessInstanceId()
        Reference to the overall process instance
      • getBusinessKey

        String getBusinessKey()
        Deprecated. use getProcessBusinessKey() to get the business key for the process associated with this execution, regardless whether or not this execution is a process-instance.
        The business key for this execution. Only returns a value if the delegate execution is a process instance.
      • getProcessBusinessKey

        String getProcessBusinessKey()
        The business key for the process instance this execution is associated with.
      • getProcessDefinitionId

        String getProcessDefinitionId()
        The process definition key for the process instance this execution is associated with.
      • getParentId

        String getParentId()
        Gets the id of the parent of this execution. If null, the execution represents a process-instance.
      • getCurrentActivityId

        String getCurrentActivityId()
        Gets the id of the current activity.
      • getCurrentActivityName

        String getCurrentActivityName()
        Gets the name of the current activity.
      • getTenantId

        String getTenantId()
        Returns the tenant id, if any is set before on the process definition or process instance.
      • getEngineServices

        EngineServices getEngineServices()
        All Activiti services can be accessed through this interface.

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