Class NoSuchObjectLocalException

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    public class NoSuchObjectLocalExceptionextends EJBException
    A NoSuchObjectLocalException is thrown if an attempt is made to invoke a method on a local object (local EJB object or timer) that no longer exists.
    EJB 2.0
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • NoSuchObjectLocalException

        public NoSuchObjectLocalException()
        Constructs a NoSuchObjectLocalException with no detail message.
      • NoSuchObjectLocalException

        public NoSuchObjectLocalException(String message)
        Constructs a NoSuchObjectLocalException with the specified detail message.
      • NoSuchObjectLocalException

        public NoSuchObjectLocalException(String message,                          Exception ex)
        Constructs a NoSuchObjectLocalException with the specified detail message and a nested exception.

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