Class EJBException

    • Constructor Detail

      • EJBException

        public EJBException()
        Constructs an EJBException with no detail message.
      • EJBException

        public EJBException(String message)
        Constructs an EJBException with the specified detailed message.
      • EJBException

        public EJBException(Exception ex)
        Constructs an EJBException that embeds the originally thrown exception.
      • EJBException

        public EJBException(String message,            Exception ex)
        Constructs an EJBException that embeds the originally thrown exception with the specified detail message.
    • Method Detail

      • getCausedByException

        public Exception getCausedByException()
        Obtain the exception that caused the EJBException to be thrown. It is recommended that the inherited Throwable.getCause() method be used to retrieve the cause instead of this method.

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