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accept(Visitor) - Method in class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
accept(Visitor) - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Visitable
aggregate(List<? extends T>...) - Static method in class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
aggregate(Set<? extends T>...) - Static method in class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
and() - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Nested
apply(I) - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Function
apply(Y) - Method in interface io.sundr.Function
apply(X) - Method in class io.sundr.FunctionFactory


BaseFluent<F extends Fluent<F>> - Class in io.sundr.builder
BaseFluent() - Constructor for class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
build(List<? extends Builder<? extends T>>) - Static method in class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
build(Set<? extends Builder<T>>) - Static method in class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
build() - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Builder
Build the target object.
Builder<T> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
An interfaces that describes a Builder.


cache(Function<X, Y>) - Static method in class io.sundr.FunctionFactory
Clazz<T extends Type,P extends Property<T>> - Interface in io.sundr.codegen
collectDependencies(T) - Method in class io.sundr.dependency.TopologicalSort


edit() - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Editable
Editable<T> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
An interface that describes an Editable object.


Fluent<F extends Fluent<F>> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
The base interface for Fluent interfaces.
Function<I,O> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
Function<Y,X> - Interface in io.sundr
FunctionFactory<X,Y> - Class in io.sundr
FunctionFactory(Map<X, Y>, Function<X, Y>, Function<X, Y>, int, int, Stack<X>) - Constructor for class io.sundr.FunctionFactory


getArguments() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Method
getClassName() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
getConstructors() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Clazz
getDefaultImplementation() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
Return the default implementation of the type.
getExceptions() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Method
getFields() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Clazz
getGenericTypes() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
An array with the generic types.
getImports() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Clazz
getMethods() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Clazz
getModifiers() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Method
getModifiers() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Property
getName() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Method
getName() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Property
getNested() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Clazz
getPackageName() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
getReturnType() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Method
getSuperClass() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
getType() - Method in class io.sundr.builder.TypedVisitor
getType() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Clazz
getType() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Property
getTypeParameters() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Method


Inlineable<T> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
An interface that describes an Inlineable object.
io.sundr - package io.sundr
io.sundr.builder - package io.sundr.builder
io.sundr.codegen - package io.sundr.codegen
io.sundr.dependency - package io.sundr.dependency
isArray() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Property
isArray() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
isCollection() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type
isConcrete() - Method in interface io.sundr.codegen.Type


launderThrowable(Throwable) - Method in exception io.sundr.SundrException


Method<T extends Type,P extends Property<T>> - Interface in io.sundr.codegen


Nested<F> - Interface in io.sundr.builder


Property<T extends Type> - Interface in io.sundr.codegen


sort(Iterable<T>) - Method in class io.sundr.dependency.TopologicalSort
SundrException - Exception in io.sundr
SundrException() - Constructor for exception io.sundr.SundrException
SundrException(String) - Constructor for exception io.sundr.SundrException
SundrException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception io.sundr.SundrException
SundrException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception io.sundr.SundrException


TopologicalSort<T> - Class in io.sundr.dependency
TopologicalSort(Function<T, Set<T>>) - Constructor for class io.sundr.dependency.TopologicalSort
Type - Interface in io.sundr.codegen
TypedVisitor<V> - Class in io.sundr.builder
TypedVisitor() - Constructor for class io.sundr.builder.TypedVisitor


update() - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Inlineable


visit(T) - Method in interface io.sundr.builder.Visitor
visit(T, Set<T>, Set<T>) - Method in class io.sundr.dependency.TopologicalSort
Visitable<T> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
VisitableBuilder<T,V extends VisitableBuilder<T,V>> - Interface in io.sundr.builder
Visitor<T> - Interface in io.sundr.builder


withFallback(Function<X, Y>) - Method in class io.sundr.FunctionFactory
withMaximumNestingDepth(int) - Method in class io.sundr.FunctionFactory
withMaximumRecursionLevel(int) - Method in class io.sundr.FunctionFactory
wrap(Function<X, Y>) - Static method in class io.sundr.FunctionFactory


_visitables - Variable in class io.sundr.builder.BaseFluent
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