This package provides various Comparator implementationsfor Files.

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Package Description

This package provides various Comparator implementationsfor Files.


All the compartors include convenience utility sort(File...) and sort(List) methods.

For example, to sort the files in a directory by name:

        File[] files = dir.listFiles();        NameFileComparator.NAME_COMPARATOR.sort(files);  

...alternatively you can do this in one line:

        File[] files = NameFileComparator.NAME_COMPARATOR.sort(dir.listFiles());  

Composite Comparator

The CompositeFileComparator can be used to compare (and sort lists or arrays of files) by combining a number other comparators.

For example, to sort an array of files by type (i.e. directory or file) and then by name:

        CompositeFileComparator comparator =                        new CompositeFileComparator(                                    DirectoryFileComparator.DIRECTORY_COMPARATOR,                                    NameFileComparator.NAME_COMPARATOR);        File[] files = dir.listFiles();        comparator.sort(files);  

Singleton Instances (thread-safe)

The Comparator implementations have some convenience singleton(thread-safe) instances ready to use:

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