Interface ResourceMethodDispatchProvider

public interface ResourceMethodDispatchProvider

Service-provider interface for creating RequestDispatcher instances.

An implementation (a service-provider) identifies itself by placing a provider-configuration file (if not already present), "" in the resource directory META-INF/services, and including the fully qualified service-provider-class of the implementation in the file.

A provider will examine the model of the Web resource method and determine if an invoker can be created for that Web resource method.

Multiple providers can specify the support for different Web resource method patterns, ranging from simple patterns (such as void return and input parameters) to complex patterns that take type URI and query arguments and HTTP request headers as typed parameters.


Method Summary
 RequestDispatchercreate(AbstractResourceMethod abstractResourceMethod)
          Create a RequestDispatcher for a resource method of a resource.

Method Detail


RequestDispatcher create(AbstractResourceMethod abstractResourceMethod)
Create a RequestDispatcher for a resource method of a resource.

abstractResourceMethod - the abstract resource method.
the request dispatcher, otherwise null if it could not be created for the abstract resource method.

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