Package com.sun.jersey.server.wadl

Provides support for WADL configuration and generation.


Interface Summary
WadlApplicationContextA context to obtain WADL-based information.
WadlGeneratorA WadlGenerator creates artifacts related to wadl.
WadlGenerator.ResolverCall back interface that the create external grammar can use to allow other parts of the code to attach the correct grammar information

Class Summary
ApplicationDescriptionThis class is designed to combine the Application instance with any other external metadata that might be required to describe the application.
ApplicationDescription.ExternalGrammarA simple holder class that stores a type and binary content to be used to return extra metadata with
WadlBuilderThis class implements the algorithm how the wadl is built for one or more AbstractResource classes.
WadlGenerator.ExternalGrammarDefinitionAnd internal storage object to store the grammar definitions and any type resolvers that are created along the way.
WadlGeneratorImplThis WadlGenerator creates the basic wadl artifacts.
Created on: Jun 16, 2008

Package com.sun.jersey.server.wadl Description

Provides support for WADL configuration and generation.

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