Package com.sun.jersey.server.wadl.generators

Provides support for JAXB WADL generation.


Class Summary
ApplicationDocsThe wrapper root document for multiple Doc elements.
ObjectFactoryThe object factory for application docs jaxb bindings.
Created on: Jun 17, 2008
WadlGeneratorApplicationDocThis WadlGenerator adds all doc elements provided by ApplicationDocs.getDocs() to the generated wadl-file.
WadlGeneratorGrammarsSupportThis WadlGenerator adds the provided Grammars element to the generated wadl-file.
WadlGeneratorJAXBGrammarGeneratorThis WadlGenerator generates a XML Schema content model based on referenced java beans.

Package com.sun.jersey.server.wadl.generators Description

Provides support for JAXB WADL generation.

The different WadlGenerator implementations provide the possibility to add some content stored in a file to the generated wadl.

The content can either be provided via a File reference, or via a resource that will be read as an InputStream.

The File reference is appropriate when generating wadl offline, e.g. with the help of the maven-wadl-plugin (see the generate-wadl sample).
The InputStream is appropriate, when the wadl is generated from a jersey application running in some servlet container or application server.

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