Class WadlGeneratorDescription

java.lang.Object  extended by com.sun.jersey.api.wadl.config.WadlGeneratorDescription

public class WadlGeneratorDescription
extends java.lang.Object

This is the model for the definition of wadl generators via configuration properties.
The properties refer to the properties of the
WadlGenerator implementation with the specified getGeneratorClass(). The WadlGenerator properties are populated with the provided properties like this:

  • The types match exactly:
    if the WadlGenerator property is of type org.example.Foo and the provided property value is of type org.example.Foo
  • Types that provide a constructor for the provided type (mostly java.lang.String)
  • The WadlGenerator property is of type InputStream: The stream is loaded from the property value (provided by the WadlGeneratorDescription) via ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(String). It will be closed after WadlGenerator.init() was called.
  • Deprected, will be removed in future versions:
    The WadlGenerator property is of type File and the provided property value is a String:
    the provided property value can contain the prefix classpath: to denote, that the path to the file is relative to the classpath. In this case, the property value is stripped by the prefix classpath: and the File is created via
    new File( generator.getClass().getResource( strippedFilename ).toURI() )
    Notice that the filename is loaded from the classpath in this case, e.g. classpath:test.xml refers to a file in the package of the class (getGeneratorClass()). The file reference classpath:/test.xml refers to a file that is in the root of the classpath.

$Id: 4584 2011-02-10 09:12:27Z pavel_bucek $
Martin Grotzke

Constructor Summary
WadlGeneratorDescription(java.lang.Class<? extends WadlGenerator> generatorClass, java.util.Properties properties)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Class<? extends WadlGenerator>getGeneratorClass()
 voidsetGeneratorClass(java.lang.Class<? extends WadlGenerator> generatorClass)
 voidsetProperties(java.util.Properties properties)
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public WadlGeneratorDescription()


public WadlGeneratorDescription(java.lang.Class<? extends WadlGenerator> generatorClass,                                java.util.Properties properties)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Class<? extends WadlGenerator> getGeneratorClass()
the generatorClass


public void setGeneratorClass(java.lang.Class<? extends WadlGenerator> generatorClass)
generatorClass - the generatorClass to set


public java.util.Properties getProperties()
the properties


public void setProperties(java.util.Properties properties)
properties - the properties to set

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