Interface TemplateProcessor

Deprecated. see

public interface TemplateProcessor

A template processor.

NOTE that this interface has been deprecated, instead use the ViewProcessor interface.

Implementations of this interface shall be capable of resolving a template name into a fully qualified template name that identifies a template supported by the implementation. And, processing the template, identified by the fully qualified template name, the results of which are written to an output stream.

Implementations can register a template processor as a provider, for example, annotating the implementation class with Provider or registering an instance as a singleton with ResourceConfig or Application.

Such template processors could be JSP template processors (supported by the Jersey servlet and filter implementations) or say Freemarker or Velocity template processors (not implemented).


Method Summary
 java.lang.Stringresolve(java.lang.String name)
          Deprecated. see ViewProcessor
 voidwriteTo(java.lang.String fullyQualifedName, java.lang.Object model, out)
          Deprecated. see ViewProcessor

Method Detail


java.lang.String resolve(java.lang.String name)
Deprecated. see ViewProcessor

Resolve a template name into a fully qualified template name that identifies a template.

name - the template name
the fully qualified template name, otherwise null if the template name cannot be resolved.


void writeTo(java.lang.String fullyQualifedName,             java.lang.Object model,    out)             throws
Deprecated. see ViewProcessor

Process a template and write the result to an output stream.

fullyQualifedName - the fully qualified template name identifying a template. This is obtained by calling the resolve method with a template name.
model - the model to be passed to the template.
out - the output stream to write the result of processing the template.
Throws: - if there was an error processing the template.

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