Annotation Type ResourceFilters

@Target(value={TYPE,METHOD})@Retention(value=RUNTIME)public @interface ResourceFilters

Defines the list of application-declared ResourceFilter classes associated with a resource method, a sub-resource method, or a sub-resource locator.

The classes will be instantiated as singleton components. Thus, if there is the same class declared more than once in the same or a different declaration of this annotation then only one instance of the class will be instantiated.

This annotation can be specified on a class or on method(s). Specifying it at a class level means that it applies to all the methods in the class. Specifying it on a method means that it is applicable to that method only. If applied at both the class and methods level , the method value overrides the class value.

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Required Element Summary
 java.lang.Class<? extends ResourceFilter>[]value

Element Detail


public abstract java.lang.Class<? extends ResourceFilter>[] value

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