Uses of Interface

Packages that use Traceable
com.sun.jersey.api.coreProvides support for configuration. 
com.sun.jersey.spi.containerProvides support for containers and the web application that manages resource classes. 
com.sun.jersey.spi.uri.rulesProvides support for hierarchical matching and accepting of URIs. 

Uses of Traceable in com.sun.jersey.api.core

Subinterfaces of Traceable in com.sun.jersey.api.core
          A HttpContext makes it possible for a web resource implementation class to access and manipulate HTTP request and response information directly.
          An abstraction of a HTTP request.

Uses of Traceable in com.sun.jersey.spi.container

Subinterfaces of Traceable in com.sun.jersey.spi.container
          A Web application that manages a set of resource classes.

Classes in com.sun.jersey.spi.container that implement Traceable
          An adapting in-bound HTTP request that may override the behaviour of ContainerRequest.
          A cached entity in-bound HTTP request that caches the entity instance obtained from the adapted container request.
          An in-bound HTTP request to be processed by the web application.

Uses of Traceable in com.sun.jersey.spi.uri.rules

Subinterfaces of Traceable in com.sun.jersey.spi.uri.rules
          The context for matching URI rules.
          The context for processing URI rules.

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