Class PrologCodeWriter

java.lang.Object  extended by com.sun.codemodel.CodeWriter      extended by com.sun.codemodel.writer.FilterCodeWriter          extended by com.sun.codemodel.writer.PrologCodeWriter

public class PrologCodeWriter
extends FilterCodeWriter

Writes all the source files under the specified file folder and inserts a file prolog comment in each java source file.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi (

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
PrologCodeWriter(CodeWriter core, String prolog)
Method Summary
 WriteropenSource(JPackage pkg, String fileName)
          Called by CodeModel to store the specified file.
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Constructor Detail


public PrologCodeWriter(CodeWriter core,                        String prolog)
core - This CodeWriter will be used to actually create a storage for files. PrologCodeWriter simply decorates this underlying CodeWriter by adding prolog comments.
prolog - Strings that will be added as comments. This string may contain newlines to produce multi-line comments. '//' will be inserted at the beginning of each line to make it a valid Java comment, so the caller can just pass strings like "abc\ndef"
Method Detail


public Writer openSource(JPackage pkg,                         String fileName)                  throws IOException
Description copied from class: CodeWriter
Called by CodeModel to store the specified file. The callee must allocate a storage to store the specified file.

The returned stream will be closed before the next file is stored. So the callee can assume that only one OutputStream is active at any given time.

openSource in class FilterCodeWriter
pkg - The package of the file to be written.
fileName - File name without the path. Something like "" or ""

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