Class MS1252Encoder

java.lang.Object  extended by java.nio.charset.CharsetEncoder      extended by com.sun.codemodel.util.MS1252Encoder

public final class MS1252Encoder
extends CharsetEncoder

MS1252 encoder that corrects a bug in JDK1.4.2_01.

See for the normative definition. This code depends on Sun internal package, so we have to make sure it won't be executed on other JDKs.

Constructor Summary
MS1252Encoder(Charset cs)
Method Summary
 booleancanEncode(char c)
 byteencode(char inputChar)
protected  CoderResultencodeLoop(CharBuffer src, ByteBuffer dst)
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Constructor Detail


public MS1252Encoder(Charset cs)
Method Detail


public boolean canEncode(char c)


protected CoderResult encodeLoop(CharBuffer src,                                 ByteBuffer dst)
Specified by:
encodeLoop in class CharsetEncoder


public byte encode(char inputChar)

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